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One-stop SCADA solution for plant remote management.

Perfect integration


eXPert SCADA is our response for those who want a powerful, flexible, and reliable solution for the acquisition of any kind of field data, visualize plant status and perform an efficient and effective remote control.

eXPert SCADA features an advanced, highly scalable modular architecture, capable of fulfill any need in various critical industries with its ability to handle databases of more than 1.000.000 system tags organized in geographically distributed hierarchical multilayers.


Unmatchable reliability and security


eXPert SCADA natively integrates advanced redundancy management features: both central system elements and field devices (RTU) can be supplied in redundant hot-backup configuration, in order to ensure the maximum level of availability and integrity of data.

eXPert SCADA security and safety are granted by the implementation of application and network cyber-security features, according to IEC 62351 regulation, and also thanks to support for remote Disaster Recovery architectures to prevent service interruption after catastrophic events.

Full connectivity


eXPert SCADA enables full range of network connection (telephone network, LAN, WAN, hard-wired, and wireless) among different system components and field devices, by adopting single or redundant configurations. Sdi’s SCADA platform allows to interface third parties RTUs and devices via standard protocols like IEC 870.5.101-104, IEC 61850, MODBUS, OPC, and many others, thus granting in this way the maximum level of compatibility and interoperability.

Advanced HMI features


Our eXPert SCADA architecture integrates highly flexible HMI (Human-Machine Interface) features that can be deployed on local operator stations or remotely via Web, enabling single monitor to high resolution videowall visualization.

eXPert Engineering Station configuration software allows to adapt HMI characteristics both to medium-sized plants and complex, large scale solutions featuring thousands of animated objects for a single synoptic.


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Main features


  • Disaster Recovery architecture support
  • HMI for operator stations or high resolution videowalls
  • Engineering station
  • Data storage station
  • Field devices interface modules
  • Third party system interface via standard communication protocols (IEC 870-5-101, IEC 870-5-104, IEC 61850, MODBUS, etc.) or proprietary protocols
  • Hard-wired and Wireless network connections management
  • Modular or single-board remote control peripherals (RTU)
  • “Safety” SCADA software designed in accordance with IEC 61508 V-model
  • Safety RTU compatibility (SIL 3 certified)
  • Smart I/O interfaces
  • Field bus interfaces
  • Event time recording RCE/SOE
  • Asset Management
  • Process optimization and simulation modules
  • Cyber Security management in accordance with IEC 62351 regulation


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Sdi focus on design, development s upply of software, devices and systems for automation, control and monitoring
Sdi focus on design, development s upply of software, devices and systems for automation, control and monitoring