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eXPert DMS technology at service of Municipalities and DSOs.

A flexible tool


In today dynamic energy and distribution service management market, our eXPert DMS (Distribution Management System) suite is a valuable tool that supports both the operation of big sizing and complexity electric networks and an efficient supervision of several networks at once..



The power of integration


eXPert DMS make available all operational functions required for conducting distribution networks by implementing a network topology-based visualization or functional-based visualization (guidelines or voltage level representation).

Sdi platform is completed by GIS (Geographic Information System) systems interface/integration, fault research modules, network status simulation and tools for service interruption recovery and management.

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Main features


  • eXPert DMS Server in single or redundant configuration
  • Support for Disaster Recovery architecture
  • HMI for operator stations and high resolution videowalls
  • Engineering workstation
  • Data storage station
  • Field device interface modules
  • External systems interface via standard communication protocols (IEC 870-5-101, IEC 870-5-104, IEC 61850, MODBUS, etc.) or proprietary protocols
  • Hardwired or wireless network connections
  • Modular or single-board remote control peripherals (RTU)
  • Safety RTU interface (SIL 3)
  • Smart I/O interfaces
  • Field bus interfaces
  • Event time recording RCE/SOE
  • Asset Management for network infrastructure management
  • Electrical network-specific simulation and optimization modules
  • Cyber Security management in accordance with IEC 62351 regulation



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Sdi focus on design, development s upply of software, devices and systems for automation, control and monitoring
Sdi focus on design, development s upply of software, devices and systems for automation, control and monitoring